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Cannabis Concentrates Demystified: A Guide to Different Types

Have you been wondering about cannabis concentrates? Maybe you’ve seen them at the dispensary, or heard about them from friends but don’t quite know when and why to use them? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s start with understanding what concentrates actually are. Cannabis concentrates are highly potent extracts derived from the cannabis plant, designed to capture the plant’s essential compounds, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, in a concentrated form. These concentrates are significantly more potent than traditional cannabis flower, offering a more intense and efficient experience. Cannabis flower has a typical potency between 20%-30%, while concentrates can reach levels close to 99%! Due to the intensity of concentrates, it’s a good idea to read up or talk to a knowledgeable person, such as a FireFlower budtender, about where to start. As with all things cannabis, start slow. The effects of concentrates are much more intense than the flower itself due to the extraction process, and as the name suggests, the concentrated power. Flavors, sensations and potency will be felt differently and much more intensely than smoking flower and effects can last much longer. It is important to find the “just right” amount to start with when exploring this new domain. When taken slow and carefully, you can enjoy an exceptional experience with concentrates.

The extraction process involves separating the desired compounds from the raw plant material, resulting in a product with much higher THC or CBD content. Concentrates can vary in consistency, from liquid oils to solid forms like shatter, wax, or budder. Due to their potency, concentrates are commonly used in vaporizers, dab rigs, or added to edibles, offering a more controlled and intense method of consumption for experienced users seeking powerful effects.

There are various methods used to produce cannabis concentrates, each with its unique process and resulting product. Some of the most common extraction techniques include solvent-based methods like butane hash oil (BHO) extraction, where butane is used to dissolve cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving behind a potent resinous substance. Another popular method is CO2 extraction, which uses pressurized carbon dioxide to extract cannabinoids, producing a cleaner and more refined concentrate. Rosin is a solventless extraction technique that involves applying heat and pressure to cannabis flowers or hash to produce a sticky, flavorful extract. Additionally, distillation and ethanol extraction are also utilized to create various types of cannabis concentrates with distinct characteristics. Each method offers a unique experience to the consumer and can cater to what the consumer enjoys best. Concentrates can truly hone in on specific features of cannabis flower such as flavor, potency, texture and effects. 

If you are curious about cannabis concentrates, stay tuned for more in depth posts about how to consume concentrates, and which variety you might be interested in based on your personal preferences. As always, please stop into FireFlower and chat with our friendly budtending team about concentrates. They are experts at directing customers to just the right products!


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